MRI Fusion guided Biopsy (FOCALYX® Bx) 

Images obtained after a multi-parametric MRI of the prostate are fused with the transrectal ultrasound outline of the prostate. The MRI of the Prostate must follow strict guidelines where in addition to precise anatomical prostate outlines obtained by T2W imaging, restrictive imagery - so called DWI and ADC maps - are obtained along with tissue function yielded by diffuse contrast enhancement (DCE) clips.

The multi-paramentric nature of the MRI translates into diagnostic precision.

The multiparametric MRI is processed with proprietary Focalyx algorithms that run over a fusion software platform. The prostate and any lesions are contoured. Subsequently, real-time FUSION is performed by merging the MRI findings with the ultrasound prostate outline. This allows for precise determination and location of the lesions using the flexibility and practicality of the ultrasound, yet carrying the findings from the MRI.

Thus FUSION of MRI/Ultrasound provides a "GPS" of the prostate gland.