We have implemented a proprietary approach that merges our FocalyxBx Prostate Cancer biopsy tissue harvesting with genomic signature testing - powerful new advanced diagnostic tools - to fully characterize Prostate Cancer far beyond microscopic and macroscopic assessments. In addition our exclusive team of consultants provide a Quality Assurance Service that fully characterizes risk.

All this information is digitalized in our perennial registry available to patients and their authorized providers. Furthermore, this digitalized information can be used incorporated individually or in combination into mathematical risk calculators – based on statistical models that yield likelihood of relevant outcomes.

 Molecular profiling tests available treatment

-       Prolaris – Signature of 46 Genes in the FocalyxBx prostate cancer tissue. It measures how fast the cancer cells are dividing. For example, Two patients with the same PSA and Gleason scores may have a very different estimate risk of mortality when the Prolaris test is added to the equation

-       Oncotype – looks at the activity of certain genes in your FocalyxBx prostate cancer tissue in order to provide personalized information about how aggressive your cancer is to be used by patient and providers in management decision making

-       Decipher – Signature evaluating the expressed levels of 22 RNA codons in the FocalyxTx specimens that are involved in multiple biological pathways associated with aggressive prostate cancer. This test provides a individual probability of developing Metastatic prostate cancer 5 years after Surgery